Homoeopathy for a healthy old age

Ageing is a natural process and at a biological level it results from the impact of the accumulation of a wide variety of molecular and cellular damage over time which makes old people susceptible to disease and disability. Many different things happen to your body as you age. Your skin, bones, and even brain may start to behave differently.

Here are some of the common ones:

Your Bones

Bones can become thinner and more brittle in old age, especially in women, sometimes resulting in the fragile bone condition called osteoporosis. Thinning of bones and decreasing bone mass can put you at risk for falls that can easily result in broken bones.

Your Heart

While a healthy diet and regular exercise can keep your heart healthy, it may become slightly enlarged, your heart rate may lower, and the walls of the heart may thicken.

Your brain and nervous system

Getting older can cause changes in your reflexes and even your senses. While dementia is not a normal consequence of old age, it is common for people to experience some slight forgetfulness as they grow older. Cells in the brain and nerves can be damaged by the formation of plaques. Abnormalities that could eventually lead to dementia.

Your digestive system

As you age, your digestive tract becomes more firm and rigid, and doesn’t contract as often. This change can lead to problems such as constipation, stomach pain, and feelings of nausea; a better diet can help.

Your senses

You may notice that your vision and hearing aren’t quite as sharp as they once were. You may start to lose your sense of taste — flavours may not seem as distinct to you. Your senses of smell and touch may also weaken. Your body is taking longer to react and needs more to stimulate it.

Your teeth

The tough enamel that protects your teeth from decay can start to wear away over the years, leaving you susceptible to cavities. Gum disease is also a concern for older adults. Good dental hygiene can protect your teeth and gums. Dry mouth, which is a common side effect of many medications that seniors take, may also be a problem.

Your skin

With old age, your skin loses its elasticity and may start to sag and wrinkle. However, the more you protected your skin from sun damage and smoking when you were younger, the better your skin will look as you get older.

Many bodily changes are a natural part of aging, but they don’t have to slow you down. What’s more, there’s a lot you can do to protect your body and keep it as healthy as possible.

Homoeopathy offers a gentle and permanent solution to a host of old age diseases. As we age, our metabolism rate becomes slower and various destructive and degenerative changes occur in our body.  Homoeopathic medicines work gently by boosting the immune system.

Common age related diseases and conditions

Chronic diseases are currently the major cause of death among adults. Globally, approximately one in three of all adults suffer from multiple chronic conditions. Health damaging behaviours – particularly tobacco use, lack of physical activity, and poor eating habits, excessive alcohol use – are major contributors to chronic diseases. The leading chronic diseases include arthritis, cardiovascular disease e.g. heart attacks and stroke, cancer e.g. breast and colon cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and seizures, obesity, and oral health problems. Each of these conditions plagues older adults. A chronic condition is a human health condition or disease that is persistent or otherwise long-lasting in its effects or a disease that comes with time. The term chronic is often applied when the course of the disease lasts for more than three months.

1. Cardiovascular disease: narrowing and blocking of main arteries causing obstruction and reduced blood flow to the heart, leading to fatal heart attacks.

2. Cerebrovascular disease (stroke): It happens when blood stops flowing in one area, causing oxygen deprivation of brain tissue and this can lead to permanent disability, if treatment is delayed.

3. Hypertension

4. Diabetes

5. Parkinson’s disease

6. Dementia (Including Alzheimer’s disease)

7. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD): reduction in airflow in and out of lungs due to inflammation. Homeopathy helps in increasing the lung capacity by treating allergies, inflammation. It abolishes the tendency to repeated infections, helps in stabilizing the wheezing bouts and shortness of breath.

8. Osteoarthritis: Degenerative joint disease. Genetics, obesity and joint injury makes you more vulnerable to develop arthritis.

9. Osteoporosis and osteopenia.

10. Cataracts, Age related macular degeneration and retinal detachment.

11. Hearing loss.