Homoeopathy for liver and gall bladder

The liver is powerhouse of the body: It controls the carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism. Important regulatory function of liver is to regulate digestion and formation and secretion of bile. Common liver disorders are indigestion, stomach bloating (gases), and pain / discomfort, loose motion etc. Damage to the liver can be because of inflammation due to infection. For example, hepatitis and liver abscess. In homoeopathy, medicines are prescribed according to constitution of the person being treated. Constitution means how his / her physiology works, this is very unique and individual to each person. Commonly treated liver diseases by homoeopathy: jaundice, IBS, repeated indigestion, hepatitis. Homoeopathic medicines improve liver function, its metabolic activity and healthy bile storage and usage. Gall bladder: stores bile, which is combination of fluids, fat and cholesterol. Bile is helpful in breakdown of fat and absorption of fat soluble vitamins and nutrients from blood stream. An excess of cholesterol, bilirubin in the bile can cause gall stones inside the bladder.

Common diseases

  • Cholecystitis: gallstone blockade inside the bile duct (acute and chronic variety)
  • High bilirubin levels (jaundice)
  • Gall bladder polyps
  • Cholangitis
  • Non-alcoholic fatly liver diseases
  • Hepatitis infection A, B, C
  • Autoimmune hepatitis
  • Alcohol fatly liver disease
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Chronic indigestion, IBS.